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05 April 2017

Fiddler on the Roof

King’s Theatre
April 5 - April 8


5 stars and a standing ovation!
Audience member – Fringe 2016
Wow wow wow!!!!! The shows were phenomenal. People I was with could not believe the talent on stage. Outstanding.
Audience member – Fringe 2016
You don't charge enough money as you were better and more entertaining than many things I've seen on Broadway and the West End!
Audience member – Fringe 2016
Wow, guys, what an amazing show! I literally howled during it. You had me in stitches. 
Audience member – The Producers
Phenomenal show everyone! I look like I've swallowed a coat-hanger because I haven't stopped grinning all night!
Audience member – The Producers
My daughter loved it and was chattering about it all the way home. From my point of view not only did I enjoy the show but it was so nice for her to see these songs sung live and to see it in a non-theatrical type performance where the focus is on the words and delivery rather than a stage set.
Audience Member
We were so impressed with the singing and choreography. I actually had goosebumps through some of the songs (the Frozen duet in particular). You have an amazing group there and it was good to see so many people taking individual sections as well as working together.
Audience Member