Our little tribute to Fringe week

Screengrab of EMT's lockdown video

Our little tribute to Fringe week

As August draws to a close we reflect back on what would have been.  For most of us in or from Edinburgh, August means Fringe.  Love it or hate it, you can’t escape it…… until a global pandemic comes along, that is.  We have sympathised with friends and colleagues whose jobs and livelihoods have disappeared, and we have commiserated with fellow hobbyists who are missing the Fringe performing buzz, the evenings spent with friends at one of the many pop-up bars, the star spotting, the pop-up food frenzy (if the world’s invented it, then Edinburgh in August probably has it!), and the random bumping-intos as packs of performers move around town in herds. 

As many companies started to find alternative ways to perform together in isolation, EMT weren’t going to be left out! Early in lockdown our own MD suggested we do a little something.  We decided to wait to launch it on the socials until our show week, which would have been 18th – 22nd August.  

Here it is.  We hope you enjoy it.  It’s dedicated to those aforementioned creatives and techs and everyone else who’s livelihoods are in limbo without the arts.  There truly is no business like showbusiness. 

We give our thanks to the following, without whom this could not have been made:

Musical direction and piano: Matthew Brown
Additional keyboards: Simon Lowe
Drums: Nicola Presavage
Sound editing: Matthew Brown and Simon Lowe
Video editing: Matthew Brown